We Are Dedicated to Providing the Best in Concierge Healthcare and Telemedicine. 
Slender Image is grounded on providing a full range of concierge services, including talk therapy, pain management, weight loss management, relationship (surrogate) coaching, medication reconciliation, online visits, long term health management, OB/GYN / LGBT Men Trans Women’s health, individualized, continuous outpatient care.

As board certified family practice specialists, each clinician continually recertifies throughout his or her career. Family medicine recertification involves a commitment on the part of your physician or practitioner for licensure, annual continuing education and regular recertification exams. That’s simply not enough. We aim to provide excellent quality care.

We’re passionate about healthcare and helping you achieve the personal goals you desire. Decades of experience and feedback from clients like you have helped build this successful, organized health care system!

Pattye Anderson

Twenty-two years of ambulatory clinic and advanced practice nursing working in  primary care. Telemedicine experience  servicing  groups that are at risk, including LGBT, pediatric, obstetrics / gynecology and direct care to chronically ill, high risk and communicable patients in Los Angeles.

Our clients say

"It was great to receive such a thorough exam without having to leave work"
Hilary Leigh
Personal Trainer
"My rehabilitation was super effective and the process was almost painless "
Hall Read
Clothing Designer
"This service makes the Diagnosis to prescription process super turnkey"
Quintin Angus
Life Coach
"The health coaching made all the difference in the world. You can't put a price on feeling well"
Jillie Tempest
UI/UX Developer

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