We pride ourselves in providing a full range of concierge services, including laser therapy, obesity weight loss management, relationship (surrogate) coaching, medication reconciliation, home visits, chronic illness management, OB/GYN women’s health, breastfeeding care, Physical Therapy and continuous outpatient care.

As board certified family practice specialists, each clinician must re certify continually throughout his or her career. Family medicine re-certification involves a commitment on the part of your physician or practitioner for license, annual continuing education and regular re certification exams. That’s simply not enough. We aim to provide excellent quality care.

We’re passionate about healthcare and helping you achieve the fitness goal goals you desire. Decades of experience and feedback from clients like you have helped build a successful, organized health care system.

If you’ve got a question, there is an answer!  Our experts and staff are hard at work answering the most common medical questions on Google! Online medical advice from caring US Doctors Nurses and Healthcare Specialists

  • Do you really count calories burned during sex?
  • How long can you survive without water?
  • Why does my neck feel tight? Stiff?
  • What does vinegar cure after sex?
  • Why does his belly button smell?
  • Did I get yeast from a Jacuzzi?
  • How healthy am I?
  • Why does my heart flutter?
  • Can I get perineum care after my childbirth?
  • If I have something to show you, can I use this service?

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